Which F1 team has the best engine?

Which F1 teams use which engines?

2021 Formula 1 Team/Driver Line-Up

Team Engine Drivers
Aston Martin Mercedes Sebastian Vettel Lance Stroll
Alpine Renault Fernando Alonso Esteban Ocon
Ferrari Ferrari Charles Leclerc Carlos Sainz
Alpha Tauri Honda Pierre Gasly Yuki Tsunoda

What engines are F1 teams using in 2022?

F1 2022 Teams & Drivers Line-up

Cars & Engines Race Drivers
2022 car launch: TBA Williams FW44 Mercedes 1.6 V6 turbo engine 1st driver 23. Alexander Albon (confirmed) 2nd driver 6. Nicholas Latifi (confirmed)

Who won F1 2020?

Why are Mercedes so dominant in F1?

Part of what made the 2020 car so dominant was its predictability and stability, with the immense rear downforce enabling Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to keep the foot planted.

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