What happens when the inducer motor stops working?

What causes inducer motor failure?

Most inducer motors failures are simply attributed to the older age of the furnace. In most cases, the internal bearings wear out and since the unit is a sealed unit, there is no way to repair the original motor. Instead the unit is simply replaced with a new one.

How long does an inducer motor last?

How long does a furnace inducer motor last? The average lifespan of your furnace is typically between 15 and 20 years. However, there are a variety of reasons that could cause your furnace inducer motor to fail before this time.

Why is my inducer motor noise?

A draft inducer (or vent blower) is the most common problem on a gas furnace or boiler to cause a noticeable noise. … The small motor mounted within the housing can begin to make noise when there is buildup on the wheel (such as sulfur or creosote) or when the motor is close to the end of its usable life.

Can you oil an inducer motor?

There are two lubrication points on most draft inducer blowers, although there are sealed motors that do not require lubrication. … Lubricating a furnace draft inducer blower also includes the motor shaft where it enters the bearing collar of the blower wheel.

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How do you lubricate a furnace inducer motor?

Lubricating the Furnace Motor

To do so, you have to apply two to three drops of ten-weight non-detergent motor oil to each port. Remember not to over lubricate. You must also check if the blower shafts have oil ports, if it does, just follow the same procedure. This too should be done annually.

Does the inducer motor get hot?

Is just the inducer motor running or is the furnace actually firing ? If the furnace is running and producing heat that motor will be red hot as it’s processing exhaust gases. Perfectly normal.

When would you use a draft inducer?

A draft inducer is a fan that is located inside of the furnace near the heat exchanger. When the furnace begins a heating cycle, the draft inducer turns on up 30 to 60 seconds before the burners are lit and continues to run throughout each heating cycle.

How much is it to replace an inducer motor?

Average Draft Inducer Motor Replacement Cost

The average furnace inducer motor cost is around $245, when the part is under warranty and you pay only the labor to have it installed. The replacement cost is $465 when the warranty has expired and you pay for the furnace inducer motor.

How long should a furnace motor last?

Even though the manufacturer states their blower motor will last two decades, we advise all clients to expect a 10-20-year life span due to age, use, and proactive maintenance.

How do I know if my fan motor is bad?

7 Signs and Symptoms of a Bad AC Fan Motor

  1. AC Fan Doesn’t Start. Even though you have the AC turned on, the fan does not start.
  2. AC Fan Doesn’t Stop. …
  3. Slow Rotating Blades. …
  4. Outside Fan Blades Are Still. …
  5. Rattling, Humming and Buzzing Noises. …
  6. AC Runs Intermittently. …
  7. No Cold Airflow.
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How many ohms should an inducer motor have?

Ohm reading should be: Approx. 55.6 to 65.2 ohms.