What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dc series motor?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC motors?

Advantages and Disadvantages of DC Motors

  • They are suitable for low-speed torque.
  • They have adjustable speed.
  • They offer a wide range of speed control both below and above the rated speed.
  • They have a very high and strong starting torque.

What is the disadvantage of Series DC motor?

The series motor has poor speed regulation. When the load speed of the machine increases, the DC shunt motor keeps its constant speed from no load to full load. The dc series motor’s Torque drops sharply when the speed increases.

What are the advantages of DC motor?

Good speed control

DC motors offer highly controllable speed. By changing the armature or field voltage it’s possible to achieve wide speed variation and with this level of controllability, DC motors offer the precision required by a wide range of industry applications.

What is use of DC series motor?

⇒ DC series motors are used where high starting torque required. These motors are only used where the variation of speed is possible. series motors are not suitable for constant speed applications. ⇒ DC series motor is used in a vacuum cleaner, traction systems, sewing machines, cranes, air compressors etc.

When would you use a DC motor?

DC motors are suitable for many applications – including conveyors, turntables and others for which adjustable speed and constant or low-speed torque are required. They also work well in dynamic braking and reversing applications, which are common in many industrial machines.

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