How much is a 7 3 Godzilla motor?

How much does a 7.3 Godzilla motor cost?

Purchasing a new crate 7.3L Godzilla V-8 engine direct from Ford Performance will set you back $8,150 (or $8,300 depending on which Ford Performance page you land on), not including tax. However, shipping is free, so that’s a huge bonus.

How much does a Godzilla motor cost?

Ford’s standard Godzilla engine is available for sale now from Ford Performance for a surprisingly reasonable $8,150 (not including the control pack that makes all the electronics work).

What is the 7.3 L Godzilla engine?

The 7.3L Godzilla engine is a big-block V8 launched by Ford in 2020, as a replacement for the 6.8 Triton V10. The 7.3 engine is offered as an upgrade to the standard 6.2L “Boss” engine in F-250 and F-350 models. Additionally it is the base engine for the F-450 to F-600 models as well as the E-350.

How much HP can a 7.3 Godzilla handle?

Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla V8 Can Make 1,100 HP With Twin Turbos and Little Else.

How much HP can a V8 make?

In the American Top Fuel class of drag racing, V8 engines displacing 500 cu in (8 L) today produce outputs of over 7,000 kW (10,000 hp). and 10,000 N⋅m (7,400 lb⋅ft).

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What is the biggest engine Ford makes?

The all-new 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 will boast the most powerful Ford engine. This formidable supercharged engine will generate 760 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque. That means the revolutionary 2020 Mustang GT500 will be the most powerful street-legal Ford in history.

How many miles will a 7.3 Godzilla last?

In that time, we’ve also managed to rack up nearly 10,000 miles on the truck. From the factory, Ford recommends you change the oil every 10,000 miles, so it’s time for the inaugural service.

How long will a Ford 7.3 gas engine last?

The average number of miles a Ford Super Duty can last is 200,000 miles. However, if you take care of your truck, you can extend its service life to 600,000 miles. In fact, some Super Duty trucks with 800,000 miles are still on the road. So, Ford Super Duty’s are exceptionally durable.