How many watts is the Shimano E8000 motor?

What is the maximum assistance delivered by the Shimano steps E8000 motor?

The Shimano STEPS E8000 offers three assistance modes (Eco, Trail and Boost) and is the strongest motor in our group test. The optimal cadence for it to produce its maximum output is around 70–90 rpm. Conversely, under 50 and above 105 rpm, the E8000 provides barely any support.

Can you replace E8000 with EP8?

The new crank arms are specific to the EP8 motor, so there’s no cross-compatibility with the E8000/7000 drive units and crank arms. Power-to-weight ratio has gone through the roof, since the new EP8 motor is actually lighter than the E8000 motor.

How the Shimano EP8 is changing mountain biking?

The Shimano EP8 produces more torque

With an increase in maximum torque, the new EP8 motor sees a 21% increase in strength over the four-year-old STEPS E8000. That said, most of the time it is hardly noticeable on the trail.

How powerful is the Shimano E8000 motor?

Shimano E8000 STEPS spec overview

The motor puts out a maximum of 250W of power and a peak of 70Nm of torque, while the battery is a 500Wh Lithium Ion design that’s mounted to the frame, though Shimano is working with manufacturers to develop integrated designs.

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Can you Derestrict Shimano steps?

Here you can find tuning tools especially for electric bikes driven by Shimano Steps E Bike systems. If you are fed up with your electric bikes speed limitation you should order one of these tuning tools to derestrict your electric bike with Shimano motor. …

How do you fit a badass box?

The Chiptuning Box has to be installed on the original speed sensor of your electric bike. Simply plug it in and secure it with a rubber ring. After that, the magnet has to be repositioned on the bicycle spoke – and your electric bike is ready and tuned.

Is Shimano EP8 any good?

With the new EP8, Shimano managed to close the gap to its biggest competitors. It even surpasses them in terms of noise (very quiet under load) and weight. Display integration is still the best on the market, even if it only shows five bars of battery level and could easily integrate some more user-friendly features.

Which Ebikes use Shimano Motors?

The existing Shimano E8000 motor is arguably the most popular motor in mountain e-bikes. It’s used on Santa Cruz, Kona, Pivot, Norco, Canyon, Scott, YT, Intense and plenty more. The new motor, called EP8, is 10 percent smaller and is a lot lighter. The compact size and a magnesium casing helped cut 300 grams.

Does Shimano make electric bikes?

The high-end e-bike system

SHIMANO STEPS is our high-end e-bike component brand. We develop and produce a wide range of e-bike systems in our production facilities across the world. Over 160 bicycle brands are equipped with our powerful mid-motors, long-range batteries, and cycling computers.

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