How does a fuel injected 2 stroke work?

How does TPI fuel injection work?

The KTM 250 TPI engine also has a power valve that raises and lowers a flapper valve in the exhaust port to help manage power output. Fuel is injected directly into the transfer port, so that the upward velocity of the air being pump upwards will mist it into the combustion chamber.

Do fuel-injected 2 strokes have Reeds?

Since a bad reed valve can be the cause of a variety of problems, knowing if you even have these can be useful – not all 2 stroke engines use reed valves. If it just “dumps” into crankcase, like diametrically opposite cylinder, most likely it’s got a reed-valve. …

When and where does a 2 stroke fuel injection system inject the fuel?

In an indirect injected engine, there are two combustion chambers: a main combustion chamber, and a pre-chamber (also called an ante-chamber) that is connected to the main one. The fuel is injected only into the pre-chamber (where it begins to combust), and not directly into the main combustion chamber.

Why are 2 stroke engines banned?

Carbureted and electronic-injection two-stroke engines are considered high-emission engines. … A carbureted two-stroke engine can emit up to 25-30 percent of its fuel unburned into the water or atmosphere, which is why high-emission engines are prohibited on some lakes.

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Is TBI the same as EFI?

just to clarify, TBI is EFI. efi stands for electronic fuel injection, which TBI most definantly is. most TBI trucks even had an EFI badge on the tailgate…. basically the difference between TBI and other injection methods comes down to placement and number/size of the injectors, as well as firing method/timing.

What year did KTM go oil injected?

What many people don’t realise is that the evolution of KTM’s fuel-injection R&D program kicked off in 2004 in collaboration with Australian company, Orbital; that a ‘Direction Injection’ system almost went into production a few years ago; and that the breakthrough ‘Transfer Port Injection’ system was discovered almost …

Do 2 strokes have cylinder heads?

A cylinder head is a pivotal part of any 2-stroke engine. Located on top of the engine block, or cylinder body, the head has several purposes. A cylinder head helps form your 2-stroke engine’s combustion chamber.

What is an oil injected 2-stroke?

Automatic lubrication (also called autolube or auto-lube) refers to a lubrication system on a two-stroke engine, in which the oil is automatically mixed with fuel and manual oil-fuel pre-mixing is not necessary.

What year did KTM 450 go to fuel injection?

If the Wikipedia page is to be believed, it got EFI in 2013.

Do 2-stroke outboards have injectors?

Marine fuel injectors live a much tougher life than their automobile counterparts. Inboard, sterndrive, and four- and two-stroke outboard motors are all subject to fuel and injector problems.