How are jet engine fan blades inspected?

How often are jet engine fan blades inspected?

Sean Broderick with recently reported on the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) airworthiness directive requiring Boeing 737NG operators to inspect CFM56-7B-series fan blade dovetails every 1,600 cycles–an interval almost twice as frequent as the previous requirement of 3,000 cycles.

How are jet engine blades inspected?

Ultrasonic Testing on Turbine Blades

Ultrasonic testing is another valuable NDT method for testing the integrity of jet turbine blades. Ultrasonic testing uses a probe that can produce high frequency, ultrasonic waves in a material. As sound waves pass through a material, changes are recorded within the device.

Which defect do we inspect compressor blades for?

For generations, Air Force maintainers have primarily used a form of manual inspection to look for any visible cracks or breaks in the blade.

What are the types of engines inspection?

Your Quick Guide to Aircraft Engine Inspections

  • Eddy Current Testing. …
  • Ultrasonic Testing. …
  • Bond Testing. …
  • Magnetic Particle. …
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection. …
  • Resonance Testing. …
  • Thermal Imaging. …
  • CFM56-7B Engine Inspections.

What FAR requires the 100-hour inspection of an aircraft engine?

100-hour inspections are required only on aircraft that carry persons for hire or are used to give flight instruction for hire.

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What is an annual inspection?

Annual inspection means an inspection of equipment performed in a 12-month period in accordance with the applicable ASME Code A17. 1, ASME Code A17. … The term includes an acceptance inspection performed within that period.

How much does a jet engine fan blade cost?

As a result, in its new AD the FAA has amended the estimated cost of replacing one fan blade from $8,500 to $51,485, or $51,400 for the cost of the blade and $85 for one hour of one person’s work time to perform the replacement.