Frequent question: Which of the following conditions is the squirrel cage induction motor?

What are the applications of squirrel cage induction motor?

Squirrel cage induction motors are commonly used in many industrial applications. They are particularly suited for applications where the motor must maintain a constant speed, be self-starting, or there is a desire for low maintenance. These motors are commonly used in: Centrifugal pumps.

What is the purpose of squirrel cage?

The main use of a squirrel-cage motor in a home HVAC system is that it powers the blower fan. If you have a forced-air heating system, such as a furnace, and/or an air conditioning system, the squirrel-cage motor is the part that turns the fans that blows the heated and cooled air through the ventilation system.

Why the starting torque of squirrel cage induction motor is low?

It suffers from the disadvantage of a low starting torque. It is because the rotor bars are permanently short-circuited and it is not possible to add any external resistance to the rotor circuit to have a large starting torque.

What is meant by squirrel cage?

1 : a cage for a small animal (such as a squirrel) that contains a rotatable cylinder for exercising. 2 : something resembling the working of a squirrel cage in repetitiveness or endlessness.

What type of starter Cannot be used for squirrel cage motors?

So we cannot use is this method for starting. Important Points: The star-delta starter method of starting three-phase induction motors is very common and widely used among all the methods.

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