Did Ford make a 428 engine?

What year did Ford make the 428?

The 428 was originally released in 1966 as a torque-oriented street engine. But in the late 1960s, somebody at Ford finally realized that the low-production and high-strung 427 was not reaching the masses.

What is the difference between a Ford 427 and 428?

The 427 is the earlier motor with the same stroke as the 390 & 406. The 428 came out in the late ’60’s. Has a smaller bore than the 427 (closer to the 406) and a longer stroke. The smaller bore was easier for Ford to manage with machining the castings in the ’60’s.

What’s the difference between a 428 and a 429 Ford Motor?

In 1970 the 428 Cobra Jet Motor was replaced with a 429 CJ engine. The change occurred in the middle of the production year so some early Cobra Jet cars had 428’s, later cars were 429’s. The 429 Cobra Jet package included: Bigger heads with larger ports and valves.

What is the difference between 428 CJ and 428 SCJ?

First you have to start with the 428 v.s. the 428 CJ. The CJ block differs from the plain 428 due to the additional webs cast into the main bearing saddles. The SCJ block is the same as a CJ.

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What is a 428 Ford worth?

A complete carb to pan 428 cobra jet will bring $2500-$3500 depending on condition.

How can you tell if a cobra is a 428?

Look at the cylinder’s bolt pattern. The 428 Cobra Jet engine has a unique, 16-bolt pattern exhaust face. It will also have a chamber of 73 to 76 cc that was rough cast, making it less accurate than if it had been machined.

How much is a 428 Cobra Jet engine?

In the realm of Mach 1 cars, the one that collectors want is fitted with the 428 cubic-inch Cobra Jet engine. This example looks nearly perfect and is on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $59,900. That seems a pretty good price for a clean 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with the most desirable of engines under the hood.

How much HP can you get out of a 428 engine?

After some break-in miles, we’d likely see 375 hp and, with headers, yes, very likely 400 ponies. The peak torque of 452.4-lb-ft at 3,700 rpm is also higher than Dearborn’s claim of 445 lb-ft at 3,400.

Testing 4-2-8… How Much Horsepower Does the Ford 428 Cobra Jet Really Make?

RPM Torque (lb-ft) HP
5,000 376.5 358.9

Is Chevy 427 or Ford?

Chevrolet first introduced a 427 V8 engine for the Corvette back in 1966, but things really started to get interesting a year later. That is when the L88 V8 made its debut, and brought some serious upgrades.

What’s the difference between a 428 and a 429 Cobra Jet?

The 428 is a 1969 block no heads. The 429 is a 70 complete out of a Lincoln or some other 4 door.

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