Are the new Honda Recon fuel injected?

Honda ATV/UTV Prices

Are Honda ranchers fuel injected?

Thanks to Honda Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)—featuring a 34mm throttle body, 12-hole injector, and an oxygen sensor that allows the fuel mapping to instantaneously adjust to any riding condition—the Rancher not only ensures trouble-free operation in the cold and at varying altitudes, it reduces emissions and …

Is Honda Recon 2WD?

Q. What does TRX250 TE/TM mean? A. It is the two letter code to designate the Recon is two wheel drive and which transmission type it has.

How fast is a Honda 420 Rancher?

Honda Rancher 420 Top Speed The stock Honda Rancher 420 has a top speed of approximately 55mph. A rev limiter prevents the ATV from going faster. These speeds, however, can change depending on the rider’s weight, the nature of the landscape and the Honda Rancher 420 model you are riding.

Which is better Honda or Polaris?

The Honda is known for its reliability, simplicity to work on, a great ride, comfort for the rider and its ability to be nimble. The Polaris is smoother than glass across rough terrain, it has great power, the EBS works great, is very comfortable to ride and the power steering is top-notch.

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What year did Honda Rancher 420 get fuel injection?

New for 2007 New, 420cc liquid-cooled engine for increased power. New fuel-injection system for consistent performance at high-altitude, improved cold-weather starting and increased power. New dual front disc brakes for improved braking performance in all conditions.

What’s the difference between a Honda Recon and a Honda Rancher?

The Recon is a GREAT trail bike and will do some chores, but seems to lack some power when ya really put the heat to it. The Rancher has more power and will easily handle the chores you have listed. As well, the 2wd will have more power over the 4wd due to it not turning the front drive shaft all the time.

How much is a Honda Recon 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,199 $3,985
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,199 $3,985

Where is Honda Recon made?

The Honda Fourtrax Recon 250 is an ATV manufactured by the Tokyo, Japan-based Honda Motor Company. The light-utility powersports vehicle was created to serve a variety of off-road biking functions. The Honda Fourtrack Recon 250 is a two-wheel drive that is notable for its compact size.

What years did they make the Honda Recon?

The Honda TRX250R was a sport ATV manufactured by Honda between 1986 and 1989. It combined a lightweight frame and good handling, with a liquid-cooled two-stroke engine and six-speed close-ratio transmission.

Which Honda Four Wheeler is the best?

At the top of the Honda ATV lineup, the Fourtrax Rincon features a 675-cc liquid-cooled and fuel-injected single-cylinder four-stroke engine with electric start. The transmission is an automatic with three forward gears plus reverse, and riders can switch between rear or all-wheel drive.

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