Your question: What are the advantages of cage motor?

What are the main advantage and disadvantage of a cage motor?

Squirrel Cage Induction Motors requires less conductor material than slip ring motor, hence copper losses in squirrel cage motors are less results in higher efficiency compared to slip ring induction motor.

What are the advantages of squirrel cage motor?

Some advantages of squirrel cage induction motors are:

  • Simple and rugged construction.
  • The low initial as well as the maintenance cost.
  • Maintains constant speed.
  • The overload capacity is high.
  • Simple starting arrangement.
  • High power factor.
  • Low rotor copper loss.

What are the disadvantages of squirrel cage motor?

Disadvantages of squirrel cage induction motor :

  • Poor starting torque.
  • High starting current.
  • Speed control is not possible in a squirrel cage induction motor., in short, no speed regulation.
  • Sensitive to change in supply voltage.
  • More sensitive to the supply voltage regulation fluctuations.

What are the advantages of use of motor?

Electrical motors are more environmentally-friendly, as they do not cause pollution by burning fossil fuels, which in turn produces harmful greenhouse gases. Electrical motors generally save the end-user money over time, while gasoline engines are more expensive in comparison.

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What are the disadvantages of electric motors?

Disadvantages can include the need for a high starting current, as well as lower efficiency due to a need for magnetization. It is important that your service and support protocols anticipate these considerations, and others, to maximize performance and reliability.

What is the main disadvantage of synchronous motors?

Disadvantages or Demerits:

Synchronous motors requires dc excitation which must be supplied from external sources. Synchronous motors are inherently not self starting motors and needs some arrangement for its starting and synchronizing. The cost per kW output is generally higher than that of induction motors.

Are most motors squirrel cage?

Other, non-standard squirrel cage motors exist but are usually built as-per buyer specifications. Class A motors are the most popular type of squirrel cage motor. They have a normal starting torque and current, as well as a slip less than 5% of the synchronous speed.

Why is the speed of the squirrel cage motor fixed?

‘Fixed’ speed induction generators

Because the speed variation from no load to full load is very small, the term ‘fixed’ speed tends to be widely used. … The design and construction of the stator and rotor of an induction generator are similar to that of a large induction motor having a squirrel-cage rotor.

Why the starting torque of squirrel cage induction motor is low?

It suffers from the disadvantage of a low starting torque. It is because the rotor bars are permanently short-circuited and it is not possible to add any external resistance to the rotor circuit to have a large starting torque.

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What are the advantages of double squirrel cage induction motor?

The advantage of a double-squirrel cage motor is that it provides high starting torque and low starting current.