You asked: Does a car come under light motor vehicle?

What is a light motor vehicle?

light motor vehicle means a transport vehicle or omnibus the gross vehicle weight of either of which or a motor car or tractor or road-roller the unladen weight of any of which, does not exceed 1[7500] kilograms; Sample 1.

Is motor vehicle same as car?

A motor vehicle is an automotive vehicle designed or adapted for use on highways and streets. … Most cars, station wagons, vans, and some pick-up trucks are passenger vehicles.

What is light weight motor vehicle?

A transport vehicle and omnibus, the gross vehicle weight of either of which does not exceed 7,500 kg would be a light motor vehicle and also motor car or tractor or a road roller, ‘unladen weight’ of which does not exceed 7,500 kg and holder of a driving licence to drive class of “light motor vehicle” as provided in …

What is considered a Class A vehicle?

Class A CDL

This also includes any combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 26,000 pounds (provided that the GVWR of the towed vehicle is in excess of 10,000 pounds). A Class A CDL is required for: drivers towing trailers with more than 10,000 pounds of GVWR.

Is tractor a motor vehicle?

Usually a car, truck, motorbike, tractor, caravan or trailer.

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Why do we say car instead of automobile?

In English, “car” was first used to mean a horse-drawn cart or wagon. … It wasn’t until 1896 that “car” was first used for what we now also call an “automobile” (“The latter drove with a daring which may have been dangerous to himself, but which never affected his car.”).

What is a fancy word for car?

Synonyms of car

  • auto,
  • automobile,
  • bus,
  • horseless carriage,
  • machine,
  • motor,
  • motorcar,
  • motor vehicle,

What is the lightest material for a car?


Magnesium 30-70%
Carbon fiber composites 50-70%
Aluminum and Al matrix composites 30-60%
Titanium 40-55%

Can I drive car with LMV?

A driver holding a licence to drive a light motor vehicle can drive a transport vehicle of such class without any endorsement to that effect, the Supreme Court has ruled. … Such transport vehicles are not excluded from the definition of the light motor vehicle by virtue of Amendment Act No.