Will a 24V trolling motor last longer than a 12v?

Does a 24-volt trolling motor last longer than 12 volt?

The 24 volt has more power usually and lasts longer in the wind than the 12 volt. The disadvantage to 24 volt is the price and the extra weight. Thank you Ty. By the way, great work on the big fish the other day.

How long does a 24v trolling motor battery last?

This will give you maximum speed and power and is often necessary on a large boat, or in strong winds. Thus, if you operate your trolling motor at maximum speed, you will typically get about 2 hours of use from a fully charged pair of “average” batteries. Possibly 4 hours of use for the larger extra capacity batteries.

What is the advantage of a 24 volt trolling motor?

Advantages of 24 Volt Trolling Motors

With a 24V motor, you will usually have more thrust available. This gives you the ability to move a larger, heavier boat. You will also be able to better handle windy conditions and rough waters. More power means less worries.

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What is the highest thrust 12-volt trolling motor?

Maximum thrusts at different voltages are approximately 12V/55lb.

Can you run a trolling motor off a generator?

In order to run a trolling motor off a generator, there are 4 things you need: a generator, converter, battery, and trolling motor. There will need to be a battery, or battery bank, in-between the trolling motor and converter. … As the trolling motor is throttled up to go faster, the amperage increases.

Can you run a trolling motor out of water?

Can You Run a Trolling Motor Out of Water? The short answer is, yes. The motor will run just as well out of water as if it were submerged. However, there’s no reason to run a trolling motor out of the water.

How long will a 100Ah battery run a trolling motor?

A 100Ah lead acid deep-cycle battery will run a 30lbs thrust trolling motor on Speed 4 for 4 hours.

How long can you troll with a trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime.

How many years does a trolling motor last?

Note that this can mean two things. You may be asking about the lifespan of your trolling motor.

Do Trolling Motors Wear Out?

Trolling Motor Warranty Length
Minn Kota Ultrex Freshwater Trolling Motors 3 years
Lowrance Freshwater Trolling Motors 3 years

How do I know if my trolling motor battery is bad?

Repeat ever couple of hours or when you notice a power drop. If one battery drops more than the others, that one is probably bad. If the batteries are being charged fully, start the day at the same voltage and discharge equally, then they are probably all worn out. Just a regular voltmeter.

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