Why the basic working principle of electromagnetic motors depend on?

What is an electric motor on what principle it depends?

Electric motor works on the principle of magnetic effect of current i.e., when a rectangular coil is placed in a magnetic field and current is passed through it, a force acts on the coil which rotates it continuously.

How is the working principle of electric motors?

They operate using principles of electromagnetism, which shows that a force is applied when an electric current is present in a magnetic field. … This force creates a torque on a loop of wire present in the magnetic field, which causes the motor to spin and perform useful work.

How does an electric motor depend on electromagnets?

An electric motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy that can be used to do work. Each time the current flow is reversed in the wire, the electromagnet moves in response to the repelling force of like poles and the attracting force of unlike poles.

Which device works on the basis of motor principle?

Electric motor is a device works under motor principle.

Who gave principle of motor?

The first electric motors were simple electrostatic devices described in experiments by Scottish monk Andrew Gordon and American experimenter Benjamin Franklin in the 1740s. The theoretical principle behind them, Coulomb’s law, was discovered but not published, by Henry Cavendish in 1771.

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What are the main parts of electric motor?

Electric motor designs can vary quite a lot, though in general they have three main parts: a rotor, a stator and a commutator. These three parts use the attractive and repulsive forces of electromagnetism, causing the motor to spin continually as long as it receives a steady flow of electric current.

Why does an electric motor change the polarity of its electromagnet?

As the motor turns, the plates rotate past the brushes, reversing the positive and negative connections to the coils, which make the electromagnets’ magnetic poles switch positions. The turning electromagnets with alternating poles are thus attracted and repelled by the permanent magnets, and the motor turns.

What are the three main parts of an electric motor?

No matter the type of motor, there are three basic parts: a stator, a commutator, and a rotor. Together they use electromagnetism to cause the motor to spin. As long as the motor receives steady current, the motor works.