Why starter is used in DC shunt motor?

What is the use of starter in motor?

Introduction. Motor starters are one of the major inventions for motor control applications. As the name suggests, a starter is an electrical device which controls the electrical power for starting a motor. These electrical devices are also used for the purpose of stopping, reversing and protecting electric motors.

Why is a shunt winding used in some starters?

The shunt (field) windings have a high resistance, preventing them from drawing high current at startup. … In a shunt motor, torque is proportional to armature current, so torque increases. This additional torque increases the motor speed to compensate for decrease that occurred when the load was applied.

Why do the starting current in DC shunt motor is high?

Answer: The starting current is high as there is no back EMF or counter EMF present in the armature circuit because atstarting counter EMF is zero. … It’s armature has very less resistance due to this it need more current at starting time. Hence DC starters are used to limit the starting current ofmotor.

Why starter is not used in DC motor?

It cause sudden depression of voltage of supply(large voltage drop occurs) system causing disturbances to other loads connected in the system. It would cause heavy sparking at the brushes which may destroy the commutator and brush gear.

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Does a 1 hp motor need a starter?

Motors below 1 HP (0.7457) is directly connected to the power supply without starter because their armature resistance is very high and they have the ability to afford and pass higher current due to high resistance. So the armature windings are safe from the high starting current while staring a motor.

Why starters are required in a AC motor?

The three phase induction motors are self-starting due to rotating magnetic field. But the motors show tendency to draw very high current at the time of starting. … Hence there should be a device which can limit such high starting current. Such a device which limits high starting current is called a starter.

Why do we need a starter to start a motor?

A motor starter provides defense by first controlling the electrical output of your device or equipment at its initial point of operation (when you turn it on or it engages). From that point, the starter continues to protect your system, operating as a fail-safe.

Why DC shunt motor is used in lathe?

Where a series motor shows a direct, inverse relationship between the load and the speed, while a shunt motor can maintain a constant speed, regardless of the load on the motor. … Shunt DC motors can be used in centrifugal pumps, lifts, weaving and lathe machines, blowers, fans, conveyors, spinning machines, and more.