Which is not the advantages of diesel engine power plant?

What are the advantages of diesel power plants?


Advantages Disadvantages
Requires less water for cooling Cost of lubrication very high
Thermal efficiency better that of Steam Power plant of same size Maintenance charges are generally high
Overall cost is cheaper than that of Steam Power plant of same size .
Requires no Operating staff .

What are 3 disadvantages of diesel engines?

Cons of diesel cars

  • Diesel cars tend to be more expensive to buy than similar petrol models.
  • Diesel fuel usually costs more.
  • Servicing can be more expensive, although you don’t need to do it as often.
  • Insurance can be 10-15% higher. [ …
  • Diesel cars produce a lot more NO2.

What are the applications of diesel engine power plant?

Diesel power plants may be used as standby plants where continuity of power supply is essential such as in hospitals, telephone exchanges, radio stations, cinemas etc.

Which of the following is not part of diesel engine power plant?

A penstock is not a part of diesel engine power plant.

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What is lubrication cost in diesel power plant?

Cost of lubricants is about G 0.84/kWh or 0.0067 US$/kWh. Spare parts for the engine and gasifier system have an average cost of G 174424 annually or 13 percent of the basic investment cost of the equipment (G 1352100).

How does diesel fuel affect the environment?

Environment – Emissions from diesel engines contribute to the production of ground-level ozone which damages crops, trees and other vegetation. Also produced is acid rain, which affects soil, lakes and streams and enters the human food chain via water, produce, meat and fish.

What are the types of diesel power plant?

Diesel power plants are divided into two main classes: stationary and mobile. Stationary diesel power plants use four-stroke diesel engines (less frequently, two-stroke diesel engines), with power ratings of 110, 220, 330, 440, and 735 kilowatts (kW).

Do diesels last longer than petrol?

A diesel engine will also last much longer than its gasoline counterpart. … Diesel engines generally last longer, but they can be costly to repair. For starters, diesels have an intricate and expensive fuel pump.

Which is faster diesel or gas?

Diesel fuel has lower calorific value and is denser than gasoline. Diesel also burns steadily and faster than gasoline. So, for a liter of fuel, you have more energy in diesel.

Are diesel engines more powerful?

In very simple terms, higher horsepower translates to a higher top speed and a faster car. Conversely, a higher torque figure translates to more power at a lower RPM. When this is taken into consideration, diesel engines are the more powerful of the two.

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What are the disadvantages of diesel powered generators?

Emissions: One of the major drawbacks of diesel generators is that they produce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and other dangerous exhausts that release into the atmosphere.

Which is better diesel or natural gas generator?

In comparing a natural gas powered generator, the diesel generator is far more efficient for several reasons such as: … Being less flammable than other types of fuels, diesel generators score high on being safer to use. They don’t use spark plugs or wires, which eliminates the chance of a spark causing a fire.

What is the disadvantages of using diesel engine in comparison to petrol engine?

Diesel engines are considered to be slightly underpowered and sloppier than a petrol version. Petrol version does not command a good resale value in the used car marke. Diesel engines often run into compliance issues with environmental norms. Petrol versions haven’t been much of a success with bigger vehicles.