Where is the thermostat on 350 Cummins?

Where is the thermostat located on a 855 Cummins?

Thermostats are on the right side towards front, remove them and see if the issue goes away. Subject: RE: 855 BIG CAM CUMMINS OVERHEATING?

How many thermostats does a Cummins isx15 have?

bjytech Light Load Member. Temps all sound perfectly normal for a ISX , unless the thermostats were changed out for the 180* option it will have 200* thermostats in it, and on ISX the fan is set to come on at 210*.

Where is the thermostat located?

Most thermostats are located where the top radiator hose joins the engine, so these steps deal with this type. If your thermostat is in the bottom radiator hose, the principle is the same.

How many hours can a Cummins ISX last?

Isx is a million mile engine or 20,000 -25,000hr. That being said I would have the lower bearings changed and set the valves and you should be good.

What is normal oil temperature for Cummins ISX?

Oil temperature ISX. Subject: Oil temperature ISX. We have a bunch of ISXs around here now and I’ve noticed the oil temperatures are anywhere from 180 to 230 degrees under load.

What temperature should a 6.7 Cummins run at?

Seems to operate around 190- 200 degrees, no load, some town driving, around 90 degree air temp. But as soon as you put any load or work it any the guage fluctuates.

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How much antifreeze does a 6.7 Cummins take?

Your vehicle requires 4 gallons of Full Strength Liquid Chill® Synthetic Engine Coolant or 8 gallons of 50/50 Premixed Liquid Chill® Synthetic Engine Coolant.

What temp does thermostat open on 6.7 Cummins?

The max allowable temp from Cummins on the 190° thermostat is 225°. The 6.7 has a higher flow pump than the 5.9 which is why the 6.7 fluctuates a little more than the 5.9 with the same thermostat.