When did Yamaha become fuel injected?

Which Yamaha motorcycles are fuel injected?

The only fuel injected 250cc bikes on the market are the Hyosungs (which are a risky buy), Yamaha WR250X, and Suzuki TU250. That being said, pretty much any bike OVER 500ccs made in recent years is always fuel injected.

Is a 2007 YZ250F fuel injected?


What is Hpdi for Yamaha?

Yamaha has developed a high-pressure direct injection system (HPDI) that’s used on seven all-new 2.6-liter 76 degrees V6 engines in 150- and 200-hp ratings. These engines meet year 2006 emission requirements, and deliver fuel economy in the engine’s most commonly used rpm range-2500 to 5500.

Are Yamaha golf carts fuel injected?

The Basics. This golf cart by Yamaha has electronic fuel injection for its fuel system. … The cooling system is forced cooling, and the starting system is a starter-generator with a pedal start.

Is a 2010 Yamaha YZ250F fuel injected?

As you can see, Yamaha can really brag about the true qualities of their YZ250F, but the fact is that although the 2010 model stands for progress, it doesn’t feature fuel injection such as the 2010 Honda CRF250R does.

What does the F stand for in YZ250F?

In the dirt bike world the F designation has come to (usually) mean the bike is a four stroke instead of a two stroke, such as a CRF250R vs a CR250R or a 250SX-F vs a 250SX.

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When did Raptor 700 become fuel injected?

The 2011 Yamaha Raptor 700R is a sport ATV designed with the experienced rider and his needs in mind: it boasts a powerful 686cc fuel-injected engine which delivers big torque right off idle, for aggressive acceleration.

Which is better carburetor or fuel injection motorcycle?

Many motorcycles still utilize carbureted engines, though all current high-performance designs have switched to fuel injection. … However, while fuel injection generally increases the cost of the bike, it also provides much better cold starting, better throttle response, better fuel efficiency, less maintenance.