What is the function of the shading ring in a shaded pole motor?

What is the function of the shading ring in a shaded pole induction motor?

function in shaded-pole motor

winding is known as a shading coil and consists of one or more shorted turns. The shading coil delays the establishment of magnetic flux in the region that it encircles and thus produces a small component of rotating field at standstill.

What the role of shading coil is?

A short-circuited coil for partially delaying change in magnetic flux by using the current generated by mutual inductance between the magnetic pole of a DC electromagnet that has been partially encased and an excitation coil. Shading coils reduce the vibration of the moving parts.

What is shading band?

Shade band means any area of the glazing with a reduced light transmittance, excluding any opaque obscuration.

Which motor is used in toys?

Reluctance motor.

Is shaded pole motor self-starting?

Shaded pole motor is a self-starting motor because it is a small squirrel-cage motor in which the auxiliary winding is composed of a copper ring or bar surrounding a portion of each pole.

How does a shaded pole motor fail?

I have generally found it to be the (Oilite) bearings wear, they may overheat and develop a intercoil short over which affect the running efficiency. The windings are sufficiently high an inductance that they rarely blow a fuse when seized.

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