What happened Carter carburetor?

Are Carter carburetors still made?

Founded by William Carter in 1909, Carter built the St. Louis factory in 1915. William Carter only helmed the company for 13 years before American Car and Factory bought the company, and continued to run it as a standalone company until 1985. Carter models are still produced today by Weber and Edelbrock.

When did Carter Carburetor go out of business?

During its operational life, the plant manufactured carburetors for gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. In 1984, ACF Industries Inc. closed the plant and dismantled much of the equipment.

How do I tell what carburetor my Carter is?

The Carter AFB carburetors are roll stamped with an identification marking at the right front base of the carburetor’s mounting ear. The top line of the roll stamp identification has the carburetor identification number.

Is Carter and Edelbrock the same?

Internally they are the same as the old Carter Competition Series. I have both an Edelbrock 800 and a Carter CS, the jets and rods interchange, accelerator pumps.

How many CFM is a Carter AFB?

The Carter 9637 is a Ford replacement 625 cfm with emissions outlets. all of the above with automatic choke.

How do you adjust a Carter Carburetor?

How to Adjust the Mixture on a Carter AFB

  1. Turn the engine on and allow it to warm up.
  2. Locate the two large slothead screws at the bottom of the front of the carburetor. …
  3. Turn one air/fuel mixture screw in a clockwise direction with a slothead screwdriver with the engine idling until the engine speeds up.
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