Question: Which test is not performed on induction motor?

Which tests are performed on induction motor?

Induction Motor Testing (Routine Testing or FAT Test)

  • Cold Winding Resistance Test. …
  • Temperature Sensor Resistance Test. …
  • Bearing Temperature Test. …
  • No-Load Bearing Temperature Rise. …
  • No-Load Curve & Losses Characteristics @ Induction Motor Routine Testing. …
  • Overspeed Test @ Induction Motor Testing.

What is no load test on induction motor?

The no-load test approximates the stator circuit (Rs and Xs1) and magnetization branch parameters(Xm) of an induction machine. The machine is brought to its rated speed by applying rated three phase volt- age at the stator (Vnl). Corresponding no-load current (Inl) and no-load real power input(Pnl) are recorded.

Is a performance test of induction motor?

THEORY : The load test on induction motor is performed to compute its complete performance i.e. torque, slip, efficiency, power factor etc.

What is routine test of induction motor?

The primary purpose of the routine test is to insure freedom from electrical and mechanical defects, and to demonstrate by means of key tests the similarity of the motor to a “standard” motor of the same design.

Why no load test is performed in induction motor?

As the name suggest no load test is performed when rotor rotates with synchronous speed and there is no load torque. … This test gives the information regarding no-load losses such as core loss, friction loss and windage loss. Rotor copper loss at no load is very less that its value is negligible.

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How do I know if my induction motor is working?

You should test the windings for a “short to ground” in the circuit and open or shorts in the windings. To test your motor for short to ground, you’ll need to set the multimeter to ohms and disconnect the motor from its power source. Then inspect each wire and look for infinite readings.

Why is blocked rotor test done in induction motor?

A blocked rotor test is normally performed on an induction motor to find out the leakage impedance. Apart from it, other parameters such as torque, motor, short-circuit current at normal voltage, and many more could be found from this test. Blocked rotor test is analogous to the short circuit test of transformer.

What is standstill rotor EMF?

When rotor is stationary i.e. s = 1, the frequency of rotor e.m.f. is the same as that of the stator supply frequency. The value of e.m.f. induced in the rotor at standstill is maximum because the relative speed between the rotor and the revolving stator flux is maximum.