How many motors can be controlled using l293d?

How many motors can be controlled using the driver IC?

The L293D is a popular 16-Pin Motor Driver IC. As the name suggests it is mainly used to drive motors. A single L293D IC is capable of running two DC motors at the same time; also the direction of these two motors can be controlled independently.

How many motors can a motor driver control?

The L298N motor driver’s output channels for the motor A and B are broken out to the edge of the module with two 3.5mm-pitch screw terminals. You can connect two DC motors having voltages between 5 to 35V to these terminals. Each channel on the module can deliver up to 2A to the DC motor.

What is IC motor?

A motor driver IC is an integrated circuit chip which is usually used to control motors in autonomous robots. Motor driver ICs act as an interface between microprocessors in robots and the motors in the robot. The most commonly used motor driver IC’s are from the L293 series such as L293D, L293NE, etc.

What is motor control example?

An example of fine motor control is picking up a small item with the index finger (pointer finger or forefinger) and thumb. The opposite of fine motor control is gross (large, general) motor control. An example of gross motor control is waving an arm in greeting.

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