Frequent question: What will happen if one compressor blade of the turbine engine is missing during operation?

What is one purpose of the stator blades in the compressor section of a turbine engine?

The stator blades are fixed and act as diffusers at each stage. They partially convert high velocity air into high pressure. Each rotor/stator pair is a compressor stage. Each consecutive compressor stage compresses the air even more.

What is the functions of compressor and turbine in gas turbine engine?

As hot combustion gas expands through the turbine, it spins the rotating blades. The rotating blades perform a dual function: they drive the compressor to draw more pressurized air into the combustion section, and they spin a generator to produce electricity.

What are some of the possible causes of compressor that occur in gas turbine engines operation?

A compressor stall occurs when there is an imbalance between the air flow supply and the airflow demand; in other words, a pressure ratio that is incompatible with the engine RPM. When this occurs, smooth airflow is interrupted and turbulence and pressure fluctuations are created within the turbine.

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What is the difference between turbine and compressor?

Turbine extract energy by decreasing the pressure, while compressor increase fluid pressure. 3. This because turbines deliver works by decreasing total pressure to certain static pressure, without its dynamic velocity. While compressor requires energy to achieved total pressure at the outlet.

What is the function of turbine?

Briefly, the purpose of a turbine is to convert the available energy into the fluid that enters it to generate electrical energy. In its conception, the turbine expands the fluid that enters it, decreasing its pressure – or even, decreasing its internal energy2.

What are the 2 types of compressor used in a gas turbine engine?

Compressor Types

The two principal types of compressors currently being used in gas turbine aircraft engines are centrifugal flow and axial flow. The centrifugal-flow compressor achieves its purpose by picking up the entering air and accelerating it outwardly by centrifugal action.

What are the two main factors which affect the performance of gas turbines?

What Are Some Factors Affecting Gas Turbine Operation?

  • Air temperature and site elevation. …
  • Humidity. …
  • Inlet and exhaust losses. …
  • Fuels. …
  • Fuel heating. …
  • Air extraction. …
  • Inlet cooling.

What is the gas turbine engine theory?

The gas turbine is an internal combustion engine that uses air as the working fluid. The engine extracts chemical energy from fuel and converts it to mechanical energy using the gaseous energy of the working fluid (air) to drive the engine and propeller, which, in turn, propel the airplane.