Can my freshwater Minn Kota trolling motor be used in saltwater?

Can you use freshwater trolling motor in saltwater?

However, the question is, can you use a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater? Yes, you can. A freshwater trolling motor works just as well in saltwater.

Can you use a trolling motor in the ocean?

Yes. A freshwater trolling motor can be used without immediate damage in saltwater. … Apply a thin coat of oil or grease to exposed metal and rinse the trolling motor with freshwater after using it in saltwater. Keep in mind that most manufacturer warranties will not cover damage from saltwater use.

Whats the difference between a saltwater and freshwater trolling motor?

Instead of taking in outside water for cooling, these systems rely on an onboard reserve of water and antifreeze. Since saltwater never enters the system, there’s no need for manual flushing. This is one of the key differences between a saltwater and freshwater outboard motor, but it will have an impact on price.

Can you run a Minn Kota trolling motor out of water?

The short answer is, yes. The motor will run just as well out of water as if it were submerged. However, there’s no reason to run a trolling motor out of the water. Doing so will waste the battery and may cause damage to the motor.

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How deep should my trolling motor be in the water?

A trolling motor’s ideal propeller should be at a depth that keeps about 6 inches of water above the blades. In other words, the centerline of the motor and the prop shaft should be about 12-18 inches below the waterline, depending on the make, model and dimensions of the trolling motor.

Are trolling motors worth it?

Trolling motors offer enhanced maneuverability and fishability throughout the day. Trolling motors are the perfect tool to move and maneuver your boat when you don’t want to start your boat’s loud outboard engine. … Today’s trolling motors allow anglers to fish a shoreline methodically and quietly.

Does a trolling motor need a battery?

Most trolling motor batteries fail due to lack of proper charging. We suggest selecting a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery with at least a 110 amp hour rating, usually a group 27 size battery. The higher the amp hour rating, the more run time you will receive.

Is salt water bad for outboard motor?

Although saltwater can easily damage an outboard motor, there is not need to forgo saltwater boating. Instead, pay careful attention to regular and preventative maintenance that will help keep your outboard motor clean during saltwater use.

Can you use any motor in saltwater?

Therefore, any outboard motor can be used in saltwater. … If properly cared for, your outboard motor should theoretically last a lifetime, no different than it would if confined to freshwater areas.

Whats the difference between Riptide and Terrova?

The freshwater model Terrova comes with a transducer or MDI, the saltwater does not. Riptide models have sealed electronics in head of motor and sacrifical anodes at prop. Highly suggest Riptide models for saltwater use.

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