Best answer: Why are indirect motor control systems called indirect?


How does dopamine inhibit the indirect pathway?

Dopamine has an INHIBITORY effect upon striatal cells associated with the Indirect Pathway. This is via D2 receptors. In other words, the direct pathway (which turns up motor activity) is excited by dopamine while the indirect pathway (which turns down motor activity) is inhibited.

How does Parkinson’s affect the indirect pathway?

The loss of DA in Parkinson’s disease (right) causes hyperactivity in the motor inhibitory D2 indirect pathway and decreased activity in the facilitatory D1 direct pathway. This imbalance results in an inhibition of voluntary movement.

Is the pyramidal tract a direct or indirect motor pathway quizlet?

The direct pathway is also called the pyramidal pathway. It originates in the pyramidal cells of the primary motor cortex. Axons descend through the internal capsule, enter the cerebral peduncles, and ultimately form three descending motor tracts.

What does the caudate nucleus do?

These deep brain structures together largely control voluntary skeletal movement. The caudate nucleus functions not only in planning the execution of movement, but also in learning, memory, reward, motivation, emotion, and romantic interaction.

Does thalamus inhibit movement?

The basal ganglia (BG) recipient thalamus controls motor output but it remains unclear how its activity is regulated. Several studies report that thalamic activation occurs via disinhibition during pauses in the firing of inhibitory pallidal inputs from the BG.

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