Best answer: What is a spark plug supposed to look like?

What is the appearance of a normally worn spark plug?

Appearance: Pinkish-red color on the ceramic insulator tip, the center electrode, and the ground electrode. 3. Appearance: Firing tip is damp with gasoline, usually the odor of fuel is present on the spark plug. The insulator is often tinted the color of charcoal.

What color spark should a spark plug have?

The strength of the spark is revealed in the color. A red or yellow spark is weak and probably will not spark in the cylinder. A blue or white spark is strong and has enough voltage to fight across the spark plug gap even under pressure within the cylinder.

What does an engine misfire feel like?

Technically, a misfire is the result of incomplete combustion (or zero combustion) inside one or more of an engine’s cylinders. But to you, the driver, the problem will usually feel like hesitation or shaking when the car is running. On modern vehicles, the check engine light will also pop on when there’s a misfire.

What are the 7 common problems abnormalities of spark plug?

Poor starting, misfiring, acceleration defect. Repeated short-distance driving (driving with the engine cool), incorrect choking (overly rich air-fuel mixture), injection timing delay, plug heat range too high.

Can a clean spark plug be bad?

For optimum performance, your engine’s spark plugs should be clean with no damage to the electrodes. If your spark plugs become dirty or fouled, it can affect how your engine runs. … Symptoms of bad spark plugs can include: Reduced gas mileage.

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How do you read a NGK Spark Plug code?

The heat range of a spark plug is the range in which the plug works well thermally. The heat rating of each NGK spark plug is indicated by a number; lower numbers indicate a hotter type, higher numbers indicate a colder type.