Best answer: What controls the torque of a DC motor?

How is torque controlled in a DC motor?

The torque (and speed) of a DC motor are both controllable. The torque is controllable up to the maximum rated torque of the motor, and is controlled by varying the armature (and if a shunt wound motor, the field) current. Maximum sustainable torque is achieved at full rated current on the armature (and field).

What are the factors that influence the torque of DC motor?

Input Voltage: For a fixed load, the speed of the motor is affected by the applied voltage. Increase in voltage = increase in speed. Load Torque: For a fixed voltage, the speed of the motor is inversely affected by the load. Increase in load torque = decrease in speed.

How do you increase the torque of a DC motor?

Any DC motor will experience a decrease in speed when a load is applied, which causes the back EMF to decrease. The reduction in back EMF increases the net voltage, since the supply voltage remains constant. The net voltage increase causes the armature current to increase, which increases the motor torque.

Which is proportional to the torque in dc motor?

For DC Machine, torque is directly proportional to armature current and flux. In dc shunt motors, flux is constant (not dependent on armature current). Hence torque is proportional to armature current.

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What affects the speed of a DC motor?

DC controls adjust speed by varying the voltage sent to the motor (this differs from AC motor controls which adjust the line frequency to the motor). Typical no load or synchronous speeds for an AC fractional horsepower motor are 1800 or 3600 rpm, and 1000-5000 rpm for DC fractional hp motors.

What is the working of dc motor?

A direct current (DC) motor is a type of electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. DC motors take electrical power through direct current, and convert this energy into mechanical rotation.

How do you increase the torque of a 12V DC motor?

If you want to adjust the output torque within the rated torque range, you can usually adjust the input voltage or the amount of excitation current. If the DC motor has been set, the torque can only be increased by the speed reducer, which can be multiplied or even increased by a thousand times.

What makes a DC motor faster?

What factors increase the speed of dc motor? … The speed of rotation of the coil in a D.C. motor can be increased by: (i) Increasing the strength of the current, (ii) Having more turns in the coil, (iii) Increasing the area of the coil, (iv) By increasing the strength of the magnetic field.

What is the torque of 12V DC motor?

300RPM 12V DC geared motors for robotics applications. It gives a massive torque of 9Kgcm. The motor comes with metal gearbox and off-centered shaft.