Best answer: How many liters is a Ford 360 engine?

Is a Ford 360 a good motor?

The 360 was a very good engine, no different than the 390. A bit les horsepower, however. The biggest issue witht he 360 was that it offered roughly the same power as the 302 at the time, with much worse efficiency.

What is the difference between a 360 and a 390 Ford Motor?

If the engine came out of a truck or pickup, it is very likely a 360 engine, as 360s had a higher torque rating and sturdier internal parts, making them ideal for trucks. 390 engines had less torque, but higher horsepower, making for better performance in cars.

Is a 360 Ford engine a big block?

360 is a big block, so is the 352 and the 332. They are all basically the same blocks with different cores.

How much horsepower does a 390 engine have?

Ford 390 Specifications

BORE 4.05 INCHES (102.87 MM)
STROKE 3.785 INCHES (96.14 MM)
HORSEPOWER (1963) 250 HP (190 kW)

How much HP does a Ford 360 have?

What are the specs of the Ford 360 engine? The Ford 360 engine is a V8 engine created between 1968 and 1971 with two barrels had 215 horsepower at 4,400 RPM and a max torque of 327 at 2,400 RPM. The later model, which ran from 1972 until 1975, had 196 horsepower at 4,000 RPM and 327 max torque.

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What engine is a 360?

The Chrysler Corporation, also operating as Chrysler LLC, introduced the Dodge 360-cubic-inch V8 engine in the waning years of the muscle car era in 1971. Production ended in 2002. The 360 V8 was part of Chrysler’s “LA” family of engines.

Are 360 and 390 FE blocks the same?

They have the same bore size, so the blocks are also interchangable. … Converting to a 390 brings the piston back up to the top of the bore at TDC, adds 30ci of displacement AND adds more stroke! This adds MAJOR horsepower and torque to a 360!

Is Fe a big block?

In essence, the FE engine is neither a small block nor a large block engine, but a medium block. Ford’s M-E-L and “385” engines, with their 4.90″ bore spacing, were the true big blocks.

Is a Ford 352 a big block or small block?

The Ford 352 is considered a big block engine. The bore and stroke are 4.0 by 3.5 inches. … The compression ratio of the 300-horsepower engine is 9.6:1, and the compression ratio of the 360-horsepower engine is 10:1.