Best answer: How do you determine the pump rating of a motor?

How is a pump rated?

If a pump system is designed around a pump which produces a flow of 1000 GPM at 100 Ft, and the pump must demonstrate performance at that condition during a pump performance test, then 1000 GPM at 100 Ft is the rated condition for that pump.

How do you calculate pump motor kw?

Pump Power calculation Formula:

Pump Power P(kW) = q(m3/hr) x ρ(kg/m3) x g(m2/s) x h(m) x p(Pa) / 3600000. The same way pump power in horsepower formula can be written as, Pump Power P(HP) = q(m3/hr) x ρ(kg/m3) x g(m2/s) x h(m) x p(Pa) / 2685600. Also above pump power is required to lift the liquid to head meters.

What is pump head calculation?

The pump head H=z+hw z is the height difference of the pumping height, that is, the water level from the inlet to the water surface at the exit. Hw is the head loss, including the Darcy formula or Xie Cai formula for calculating the head loss hf and the local head loss hw hf along the path.

How much HP pump do I need?

Example – Horsepower Required to Pump Water

Power Required to Pump Water (hp)
Volume Flow (gpm) Height (ft)
10 0.0126 0.101
15 0.0189 0.152
20 0.0253 0.202

What is the maximum suction lift for pumps?

The maximum actual suction lift for a centrifugal pump is approximately 15 ft when pumping water from an open air tank. Positive-displacement pumps can operate with lower suction pressures or high suction lifts because they can create stronger vacuums.

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What is the maximum height water can be pumped?

The atmospheric pressure would be capable of sustaining a column of water 33.9 feet in height. If a pump could produce a perfect vacuum, the maximum height to which it could lift water at sea level would be 33.9 feet, as shown in Example 1.

What is absorbed power of a motor?

The difference between Motor Input Power and Fan Input Power (Absorbed Power) are a measure of the losses both mechanical and electrical within the motor. Nuaire Selector calculates the Motor Input Power from the tested Fan Input Power (Absorbed Power) and the motor manufacturers quoted efficiency percentages.

How many liters per minute does a 1 hp pump pumps?

80 Litres/minute – 1 hp.