1989-1993 DODGE RAM 5.9L

The 12-valve VE Pump B Series Cummins debuted in 1989 and continued through 1993. This motor was the first of the 5.9L B series motors that were installed in the light duty trucks, these early 12-valve were basic and all mechanical. The 89-93 motors are equipped with a VE rotary injection pump, which are reliable pumps but not upgradeable for higher horsepower applications. Some 89-93 models came intercooled while others did not come intercooler. On these early 89-93 12 valves they came factory with an H1C Holset turbo which is slightly smaller than an HX35 turbo. With the mix match of old technology mechanical power added with the small turbo, these motors were rated for a whopping 160hp and 400lbs-tq. These trucks were equipped with a Getrag, non-lockup transmission and torque converter.


There are a combination of aftermarket products that can upgrade the overall performance and reliability of the 1989-1993 12-valve Cummins motor, injection system, Turbocharger, transmission, and suspension. If you have any questions whatsoever on your Cummins and would like to speak with one of our professional diesel technician’s about your truck, please do not hesitate to contact us at 540.862.1119 or email us at

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